The Night/Nuit

In The Night/Nuit, Rolf Abderhalden and Michel Didym return to Koltes's The Night just before the forests, to create a bilingual and musical reading (French and Spanish) simultaneously. We are confronted with two bodies expressing in unison the same anguish, each one breaking through social exclusion from their own language. It is never clear whether they are the same broken man, or two men merging their speeches without listening to one another.  Lost in a decaying city in which they are both foreigners, in the night, in a decadent world. The characters outlined by the reading of the text, as well as the embodiment the actors give to this reading, stop us from settling on one only way of listening, on one only way of reading it. Aren’t both men part of the same discourse? Are their voices one same voice?

"Who is a foreigner? We all are outside our little universe...
I don’t like things that remind you that you are foreign; after all, I am a little. I guess it’s noticeable, I am not completely from here…” 
Bernard-Marie Koltès, The night just before the forests. 
Artistic Team