4.48 Psychosis

"I'm writing a play called 4.48 Psychosis.  It's about a psychotic breakdown, and what happens to the person's mind when the barriers which distinguish between reality and the forms of imagination completely disappear - so that you no longer know where you stop and the world starts. So, for example, if I was a psychotic, I would literally not know the difference between myself, this table and Dan. They would all be part of a continnum. And various boundaries begin to collapse. Formally, I’m trying to collapse a few boundaries as well. To carry on with making the form and content one. " 

With these words Sara Kane explains her very last written expression: suicide.
A piece for the voice.
A piece with multiple voices:
That of a fragmented mind.
That of one who is in love of what is absent.
The soft psychiatric voice of reason.
Words dragging life to its very limits.


Artistic Team 
Mapa Teatro - Laboratorio de Artistas

March, 2003

Bogota, Colombia