The images that accompany this event for the senses and imagination, constitute a visual counterpoint in the meeting between the singing of the whales and the human voice, and with the music of men, in a sacred place on earth.
It is not the staging of a concert but rather the staging of an experience that happens in real time and can not be acted out: it presents to the viewer both a real place that exists underground, and simultaneously an imaginary space that lies dormant in each of us, as if we were in deep sleep.
The lighting and shadows, the projected images, a few objects, the colors and the textures, are here to make visible what is before our eyes and it gives off a smell of sulfur, but especially to let the sound (singing voices of human and whales) penetrate memory and imagination where they create, or rather awaken their own images.
It is an invitation to see, so that we can hear, and to listen, so that something can be revealed to us.
Rolf Abderhalden
Artistic Team