Mapa Teatro - Laboratorio de la imaginación social 40 años

This exhibition brings together for the first time an anthology of works that defines the poetic cartography of Mapa Teatro. Articulated around its modes of production —experimental laboratories and ethnofictions—, the exhibit includes a series of installation variations, arranged in a specific dramaturgy for the museum galleries that shows the mutable and open nature of Mapa Teatro’s “montage-operations”. These works are activated through the presence of the audience and living archives: the gestures that the artists will carry out on site during the course of the exhibition.

Echoing the words of the playwright Heiner Müller, for whom "theater is a laboratory of social imagination", Mapa Teatro’s transdisciplinary and experimental laboratories address aesthetic, poetic, ethical and micropolitical questions that stretch the arch between life and art: the political power of the imagination.

Carolina Ponce de León


Artistic Team 
Museo de Arte Miguel Urrutia

Bogotá, Colombia