I long for the Alps; That's how lakes come into existence

At the edge of a death filled landscape, speaks a woman about to disappear. Amidst the unbearable heat, she tries to express an insaciable desire: to melt into Alps and their spacious cold. Somewhere else, a lonely and tired man walks on the snow. He stops in the exact spot where the woman would like to be, in the middle of the white space, silent and cold. He trips over a few corpses that have been dragged by the snow. He talks to them before burying them once more.
“From the silent Alp glaciers to the noisy Colombian jungle, Mapa Teatro has tightened the bow to its maximum capacity, to create an unsettling and enigmatic sound and visual poem. Alongside the man and the woman -mythical yet familiar characters- two other allegorical figures create this un-categorisable dreamlike choreography of the dead”.
Bruno Tackels, Mouvement, Paris, October 10th 2007.
I long for the Alps; That's how lakes come into existence, premiered in french at the Festival de la Bâtie in Geneva in 2007. A co-production between Mapa Teatro, Forum Meyrin and Grange de Dorigny-Unil. 
The Spanish version of I long for the Alps; That's how lakes come into existence, received the Honorary Mention at the Ministry of Culture’s National Award for Theatre Directing in Colombia in 2009. 


Artistic Team 
XI Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá

March, 2008

Bogota, Colombia