Prometheus first act - second act

In 2002 Mapa Teatro created Prometheus, first act, as an installation for the city council. It compiled the life stories and experiences of 15 people who used to live in El Cartucho. This piece was created as documentation of the disappearance of an estate and the construction of a new park in the centre of the city of Bogota, and it was performed in December of the same year, at that site.

Two big screens where set up at the site where the Santa Ines estate once was, with the city centre as its back drop. Images of Santa Ines (archive material) and segments of the life stories of the participants, were projected simultaneously and interacted with live actions and stories. This space is a poetic reconstruction of the places that once where inhabited. The stories are joint together by the story of Prometheus’s myth by Heiner Müller, and are accompanied by an emotive live sound-scape, and it culminates in a great dance, a celebration which invites us to re look at the way in which we usually perceive this place. 
A year later Prometheus, second act, was performed at the same place, on the same date. It was a following up on the new life projects of the people that had been involved the year before and a look at the last moments of the demolition of the estate.
Artistic Team