Cleaning the augean stables

A video installation that  ties together two different places in the city, in real time.
The project is born from a collective question over the relation between art, memory and city in a socio-economic and historical border of Bogota city – ‘El Cartucho’, a limit in the perception of the city’s inhabitants – in the borders of a narrative form– the myth – and in the borders of representation – transmission in real time -.
This piece, performed at the XXXIX Salón Nacional de Artistas, is a multiple and long term piece which created at different times in the history of ‘El Cartucho’, parting from a collective myth as the foundation story (Heracles’ works and feats) as well as the personal mythologies seen as practices of space  (the testimonies of the last people to live in this place).
The piece weaved two different parts of the cities together, in real time: The Modern Art Museum (a closed space, a museum, the temporary destination for the piece) and the land where the Santa Ines-El Cartucho neighborhood once was (an open public space, the origins of the piece), through the transmission of two visual stories: one, a memory from the past (the testimony of the last day, in the last house standing in the neighborhood), and the second one, from the present, the daily recordings of the construction of a new park on top of the neighborhoods ruins.
During the XXXIX Salón Nacional, the construction of the Tercer Millenium park where 'El Cartucho' once stood, was transmitted live at the Modern Art Museum, these transformations, recorded each day as a diary, where projected onto a screen at the museum. Simultaneously, the testimony from the past was also being projected located in the south west area of the park, . This video installation was open to the public all day.
This continuously moving piece is pieced together by each spectator as they choose what spaces and times to look at.


Artistic Team