Richard III

The story told in Richard III is not a anecdotal chronical  but the fearsome reflection of an inordinate ambition for power that gets its sovereignty through a string of violent murders. The currency of this story lies precisely in this: power struggle displaces the political mechanisms towards a machinery of war. Politics is a practice used in order to come to power, a means to reign. IRichard III, Shakespeare unravels a statesman with the illusion of power and a general ambition for war, and within this dynamic we do not find ourselves constrained by a political ideal or an ideology. Shakespeare's great vitality is the freedom that a character who lacks specific ideology and moralism, can offer us.

Our purpose is to seek and to stage the intimacy of a text, where everything is visible and public, revealing their innermost secrets and folds, through a subtraction operation of some dramatic elements, in our view magnified by history the representation.
Artistic Team