Re-moved, an installation that was open to the public between the 3rd and the 19th December 2003, and was visited by more than 6,000 spectators. It was created around the pulsating memory of the Santa Inés-El Cartucho neighborhood, during the last phase of its demolition. An interactive installation was created parting from the testimonies of the neighborhood’s last inhabitants, the remains, the found objects, the photographs, the sounds, audiovisuals, and from the field work done by a trans-disciplinary team. The installation was shown at Mapa Teatro’s residence, an old house in the centre of Bogota, a house very similar to those that were once part of the Santa Inés-El Cartucho estate.
The re-moved laboratory was divided into twelve physical spaces which correspond to the “nichos” of the Santa Inés-El Cartucho estate. 
•  The witness (valla fachada cra 7 y calle 23)
•  The Bell Ringer (interactive sound)
•  The Debris (video-sound-installation) 
•  The Steps (photographic projection)
•  The Car / The Weight Scales (interactive installation)
•  The Bottle (interactive object)
•  The House (video projection)
•  The Bedroom (video-sound-installation)
•  The Skin (sound installation)
•  The Match (photo installation)
•  The Remains (installation) 
•  The Voice (sound installation)


Artistic Team